Monday, December 05, 2005

Homo Erectus

Yep, he hoisted himself up. First, we saw his head pop up from the rails of his co-sleeper turned bassinet one morning. He didn't wait for us to come pick him up. He just had to get up and talk to us, wakey, wakey mom and daddy. Pick me up now. It was madness from there. Hoist myself here, hoist myself there. What's funny is, once he does, he looks at you, "now what?" and weeble wobbles trying to move from his spot. Too cute.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Arto has been going through a series of milestones.

First, there were the slings. I stopped at five slings (although I may need a backpack carrier soon, such as Ergo, because Arto is getting too heavy for the wrap and I still do not like the Bjorn.)

And now, my A.U.T.O. (Arto Urban Transport Obsession) has reached a pinnacle. Bill finally brought home the new strolller. Okay, there have been many, many blogs bytes spent on the Quinny vs Bugaboo smackdown. Mention Bugaboo in the Urban Baby NY message boards and you'll be flamed with one-worders like "Bugabooger." Daddytypes, Neosophic, Gizmodo to name a few. Just try typing in "quinnny bugaboo blog" in Google, you'll see. Only in NY will you get chased down by some strange new parent, who has been trying to catch you for 3 1/2 blocks, only to ask what and where is that thing your baby is riding? We got a Quinny Buzz. And although I am not a stroller advocate (I will wear Arto as long as its humanly possible), I do want a stylin' ride for the boy.

I was ruminating with a new mom on why its such a big deal in NY. We guessed (well, aside from the general urban psychosis endemic to NYkers) that strollers really, really get mileage here since very few people use cars to get around. While suburban baby may go from carseat to mall cart, NY babies can spend hours on that thing, all over the city while mom and dad go through the gotham rituals -- subway, Whole Foods, park, subway, friends in east village (no babies), crowded restaurant, subway, trek home. So there is a LOT of thought that goes into the urban transport vehicle. And because of the size of NY apartments, as with dogs, one of the main questions is how small can it get (without being a ferret -- for dog decisions) without being an umbrella stroller? The other key factor for me was that the stroller needed to be able to face me or frontward.

So, the second milestone is that the Bobo has outgrown his car seat. The seatbelt just doesn't fit anymore. So we need to buy him a new one.

The third is that he is taking 1 1/2 hour naps twice a day! Everyday! Sleeps 11 hours at night (sometimes wakes up once, sometimes not). Little man is finally sleeping like a baby!

The fourth is that he is finally drinking from his sippy cup. Every mealtime, I make sure he drinks from the sippy cup so that he gets practice.

He is also standing and holding on to things (for dear life).

Sweet baby. Rocketing along. As I said, slow down boy.