Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bagel Baby

Taken today.
Bagel = instant teething ring, instant entertaintment

Monday, November 28, 2005

Sartorial Suffering

Getting dressed is always a struggle. Why? I don't know. We always have to covertly dress him. D&D. Distract and dress.

Bill invented the "never put anything over his head" technique. Onesies go in from the feet up. This works pretty well if Arto is busy gnawing on some object or we starve him so that he's sucking on his bottle for dear life. Only then does the slipping on of the clothing item goes unnoticed. But this merely delays the inevitable putting on of the sleeves. We have yet to come up with a technique that will allow whine-free arm insertion. Sometimes, if we're lucky, we will only get an annoyed whimper and a what-th-f look. But at its worst (i.e. I'm waaaay past my naptime/bedtime) we get the full, back-arching, "I can't believe you're torturing me like this" wailing animal.

He just likes naked. Naked in the shower. Naked in the tub. Naked eating. Naked crawling around.

A new thing (well, I shouldn't say new -- the 18 week sonogram showed him doing this, which for us further confirmed his gender) he insists on doing whenever he's getting changed is to manually inspect "the family jewels." He will swat your hand back if you push his hand away from his urine- or Balmex-gooped privates. Drinking [milk] while holding on to his balls. I think we have a clear vote for nature in the age old argument here.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

8 months, my little man.

He eats three times a day. Looooves to eat. Avocados, bananas, plain tofu, plain yogurt, hard boiled egg yolks, veggies, fruits. I wish I ate as good as he does.

He got rid of his binky about two months ago. As soon as he learned that he could grab things from his mouth, he grabbed his pacifier and threw it as far as he can. Never looked for it since.

Travels have ended for the year. Bobo went to New Hampshire, Pittsburgh, Scotland, Finland, and San Francisco with mom and dad. We were supposed to go to London but were too tired, so daddy went alone. The family spent 6 weeks in SF and loved it. Arto spent time at the beach, walks with mommy and daddy. Play. 100% attention. He also....got bit by a tick (no lyme) and gave us a big scare. He also got sick for the first time with a baaaad ass cold. Took almost three weeks to shake. We refused to give him antibiotics so the little fighter got rid of it by himself (with some vitamin c, long, warm baths and a humidifier). He joined adults in communal dinners (loves crowds), slept in his own room. We had such a great time. Bonding. Relaxing. Enjoying this wonderful time in our lives. His first year. We are so lucky to be able to spend time with him like this. I don't know how I could have gone back to work full time a few weeks after he was born. I read so many stories of moms crying on their first. Nordic countries certainly have it right -- one year maternity leave (that the dad and mom can share).

The past week, he's changed so much. Little man crawls like mad all over. Climbs over me now. Tries to reach up for things. Babbles. "Reads" picture books. Plays with me. With me. Laughs a LOT. Sleeps so much better.

Just keeps on getting better. If this keeps on going, I'm going to explode with joy. How can he get any more fun to be with?

Bill just came back from the UK and he brought back Arto's new stroller. He is now graduating to a forward facing one. No more car seat in a carrier. We took it out for a test stroll today. He fidgeted for a second but after a block or so, realized that, hey, I have a front row seat to the world. I missed wearing him though. But he is getting heavy. He must be about 20 pounds now. Yesterday I took him for a walk on Smith St. and I was huffing and puffing.

I think I'll still wear him for short walks. For as long as I can! He wiggles a lot now too when he sees something exciting (and if Bill is skating, I have to use the Bjorn because he get so excited and kicks himself free from the wrap.

He's also weaning more from breastfeeding. He lets himself fall asleep on my shoulder now. He's also starting to drink from a sippy cup and liking water more.

My little man is growing up. My baby boy. Stop growing so fast.