Saturday, August 20, 2005


Is what I need. I have three. The fourth is coming. And I want two more.

I know I'm not the worst. Justine has 8, according to Ibrahim.

But I just spent two hours at The Baby Wearer instead of taking a nap when Arto's napping. All the pretty slings. Hotslings, Oopa Baby slings, Taylor Made slings, Patapums and SoulbabyNYC. Fresh (as Bill would say). Not to mention Lillebaby -- which is not a sling or pouch but is still a way to carry a baby (true to its Nordic origins, its minimalist multifunction). Wow, the Oopas are so, so pretty but way expensive. Taylor Mades -- the silk ones -- are very pretty too and cost less. Patapums I want to try when Arto is older and I think Bill will like it. And Souldbaby is this mama who just wanted a ring sling that didn't look boring. Hotslings have great prints. Justine (attachment parent extraordinaire) got me into it.

I have a wrap that Tina made, which I love. It requires some time to put it on but once you get the hang of it, I think its better than a Bjorn. I've gotten asked so many times where I got it ("an artist in PA made it for me."). Its black, it has sequins. Disco sling.

I have a Maya Wrap -- it took a while to get used to but now I have mastered it. Its good because its quick to put on. I think its better now that Arto is bigger and can hold his head up. When he was smaller, he sort of got lost inside it. I can carry him on my hip or kangaroo style. Its more organic looking than the wrap and I've been stopped on the street a lot too. The best part is, I can use it well into toddlerhood.

Then there's the utilitarian Bjorn. I use this when I want to carry Arto face front. He likes it. Bill uses this one. Its not pretty but it works.

I just bought a Hotsling. Its a pouch not a sling so it will probably take some getting used to again. I never buy regular clothes anymore. What's the point? If it doesn't get puked and spittled on three seconds after you wear it, it will get covered by the sling anyway.

There's been so many articles written about it already so I won't go on and on. But carrying Arto just makes him (and me) happier. I love having him near me. I do walk him his stroller -- especially right before sunset when the sun is low -- he loves looking up at the sky and trees. I get tons of wiggles and kicks whenever we pass under a tree.

The Baby Wearer has a number of articles on wearing your baby. And while I would not consider myself strictly practicing it, as well as Dr. Sears' website talks about its benefits.

Our neighborhood, Carroll Gardens (a place going through its personal baby boom) in the afternoon is a traffic of baby slinging moms and dads. And moms check out each other's slings. So funny. I mean, strollers are strollers unless you have a Bugaboo or Stokke, maybe. But slings. Well, for moms, they are what shoes used to be for them before Scholl's became more practical than Choos. Now instead of shoe envy there's sling envy.

So to all my friends, come over, gather round. Let me know that I have gone overboard and should not get any more. I have enough. Control myself. Remove Babywearer from my bookmarks. Right.

Well, I'll get over it....Right after I get my Cinnabar Soulbaby sling. Just one more. I promise. Mama has to look fresh because Arto looks fresh all the time. Hard to keep up with the little critter.


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