Saturday, August 13, 2005

shleepy shleeep sleep

well its been a while since I have posted. I have been shooting some video of arto eating bananas and rice cereal and mumbling about the challenges of babydom. leah and I have been dealing with his sudden shift in sleepin gpatterns back to waking up every hour or every other hour and waking us up as well to get him fed and comfort him. this week we hit a wall with his sleep patterns and have been rebooting the little critter with way early to bed, consistent latenight feeding times and the big one, a seperate room from mommy and daddy. we also time ourselves before responding to his protest cries. it is neve racking but we are up to it other wise I fear we would all be in a haze of fatigue. we also are switching off more regularly whereas before it was all about the mammary glandulations now I am a bottle weilding freak of a daddy. I love to sing to Arto and I have made up different songs for him including dirges and laments proclaiming in a sincere baritone the pain and suffering of poor little arto.. if only I had a pint of guiness and a bagpipe it would be complete. then there is the little daily happy songs about silly things.. I sing and dance and he laughs and laughs. I love hearing him laugh so much. I also really try and broaden his horizons as to whats possible to do. I hang him upside down and rotate him 360 degrees. He is amazed and excited by these moves and anticipates my next go round by kicking and wiggling and grinning. of course I can see mommy get a bit nervous but when he laughs there is nothing else to say. little bobo we call him for short. the names keep evolving though. muncher, meatball, chunk of meat, pooper, poopinski, poopinator,it goes on ad nauseum. this little boy is grabbing left and right and is working on pushing a snaggle tooth through those bright red little gums. one thing thats changed about me is that now I think about his future. I just found out that Perthes is congenital and that the doctors used to think it wasnt which is what I ws told. Now I am part of a Perthes survivor group and am caught up on the very latest. it is a remote possibility but worrisome no less. we are all going to scotland and finland soon whcih should make things interesting for his schedule. We are on it already .. researching traveling with baby. ok its bedtime now. Im actually going to sleep at 1050pm on a saturday night. The little man has me all changed up.


Blogger Randy Shannon said...

Seems like the growing spurts come after a plateau of rest and consolidation gets you all relaxed and "on a schedule." Then boom, baby shifts into second gear and its off to the races again trying to readjust and keep up. I believe that happens in cycles that keep getting longer until the late teens.

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