Sunday, August 21, 2005

Guilty measure

Yes, we did. We let him do it. For over a week now. We gritted our teeth. I cried most of the time. But we did it. We're doing it. Its getting there. He went from 12 on average to 14.5. 7:30-7:30. 3 naps a day that are getting longer. Getting there. Almost there. Just gotta hang on and believe. That it is good for him. I've seen him change. From fussy to happy. From restless to quiet observation. Still loving. Still sweet. But not to categorically rationalize, yes, I don't know if there is an effect on him that is latent.

Yes, we let Arto cry it out. No more swaddling. Separate beds. Let Arto learn to soothe himself to sleep. Rock him and hold him when he's tired. Let him know we're here. But lay him down and let him do the rest.

At almost 5 months, we were sleep deprived, short with each other, and getting miserable. Not good for Arto. So far, its been hard for us to adjust our own bed time. But like I said, its getting there. I've been sleeping at midnight when Bill went away. No reason to stay up. I just have to keep on doing that. No 3 am bedtimes for me. It doesn't work. I have to learn how to nap when the bobo naps (or at least lay down, close my eyes and rest -- Bill is better at this than I am). We have to go through change too. Not just Arto. And there's the rub, I guess. For it to work, we have to change with him. We have to. We can't let this process go to waste. Arto's efforts go for naught. That is when it would not be fair. Everyone has to change their sleep. That is what a baby requires. One important thing that has to change.