Saturday, August 06, 2005


A lot of changes for the family.

It all started when Arto turned four months. Mommy had her first haircut in over a year. We hired a babysitter to take care of him in the afternoons so that we can get some work done. Its still rough as Arto tries to get used to her and she tries to get to know his little idiosyncracies. Swaddle and bounce. Swaddle and bounce. And not just any bounce. Bounce a certain way. So we're not getting as much done as we hoped. But we're thinking its like when lola came. The first week was rough but then they got used to each other and it was smoother sailing.

Another big change is that daddy went away for the first time. Bill went to Mexico to perform. Almost four days without daddy. It was mommy and Arto bonding time. It was fun but we definitely missed daddy.

Arto also crossed some growth stage because his sleep patterns abruptly changed. He used to sleep almost through the night with one wakeup to eat. But suddenly, he was waking up so much more. Like he reverted to his infant habits. Well...we realized that he just needed more food now and was waking up because the breast milk was just not doing it anymore.

Last week saw even more changes.

Bill and I took turns waking up at night for Arto. More sleep for me.

More importantly though....Arto ate his first solid food! We made a little rice cereal. I tried to feed him in little bites but he would grab the spoon the shovel the whole mess into his mouth! No little bits of food mommy! Bring it on! And last night, Bill fed him mashed bananas which he loved.

Mr. Big boy, who used to hate being on his belly tolerates it better. What's more, is that he is actually making little mini push-ups. And he is trying to sit-up so badly. When he's reclined he tries so hard to push himself up on a sitting position and get utterly frustrated when he can't. This morning, he sat up and supported himself on his arms for so long. Wow.

We got him his "high chair" yesterday too. The kind that attaches to the table. I'm so excited to feed him other food. Next up is mashed avocado. Not so sweet. Very nutritious. And then maybe some sweet potato.

He's also Mr. Curious now. Looks around more. Because of it, he likes his stroller now. Only when its not sunny, though. Because he hates having the shade on. He likes seeing the sky. And trees. Loves trees.

Oh, Mr. Arto. What will you do next?


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