Monday, June 20, 2005

first post

today I took apart artos rocker which mommy feverishly built with the legs backwards so that they couldnt be removed without complete factory dissasembly of the housing. it made me feel dad like and in control for a fleeting moment. the satisfaction of seeing arto sleeping peacefully in his chair is priceless as is the work I can get done while he is chilling. he absolutely loves music. mom and I think its because all of the rehearsals.. while he was in utero he had banging beats and melodies of house hiphop and assorted jazz. plus I would always play out rhythms on moms belly. at this point arto shits on beat. Im worried that I have lost some early photos of him because my laptop literally melted and smoked to a blackened state. the hard drive may be dead and I havent backed up that computer in four or five months. please let it be recoverable. mommy and I are having a great time these last weeks as arto has hit his stride sleep wise.. with of course inevitable suprises. he is so beautiful. and this very blog is testimony to his doting parents. to all of our friends who have a more balanced perspective... try not to throw up.
artodad2 (sky's nickname is artod2 so im stealing it with modifications)


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